Decipher names on New York Passenger List? #names #records


Hi All,

First time posting, so I hope I get it right!  I recently had a major breakthrough when I found the New York passenger list for my 3rd great Aunt, whose name was lost.  She emigrated with her husband and 3 other relatives who also eluded me for a long time.  The problem I'm having is that I can't decipher who they are visiting.  Lines 26-28.  Is anyone able to read the names of the nephews in column 16?

In addition, between rows 28 and 29, there are numbers which seem to have been added 8/31/38, 38 years after my relatives arrived.  I am unfamiliar with passenger record keeping.  Would anyone know what they mean?  

I've attached the full record, as well as a screenshot of the names.  Thank you in advance!

Amy Mitchell

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