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Diane Jacobs

Here is what I could see:
Nephew M. Gerber
Nephew J. Or Y. Gerber
Nephew Frank Hitch
Uncle M. Bach
All res 147 Rivington st.
The date and numbers, indicate when this person applied for citizenship and received
A certificate of arrival in order to complete the NA Petition process. They were most likely naturalized several years After 1938.
Diane Jacobs 
Somerset NJ
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Hi All,

First time posting, so I hope I get it right!  I recently had a major breakthrough when I found the New York passenger list for my 3rd great Aunt, whose name was lost.  She emigrated with her husband and 3 other relatives who also eluded me for a long time.  The problem I'm having is that I can't decipher who they are visiting.  Lines 26-28.  Is anyone able to read the names of the nephews in column 16?

In addition, between rows 28 and 29, there are numbers which seem to have been added 8/31/38, 38 years after my relatives arrived.  I am unfamiliar with passenger record keeping.  Would anyone know what they mean?  

I've attached the full record, as well as a screenshot of the names.  Thank you in advance!

Amy Mitchell


Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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