Re: Decipher names on New York Passenger List? #records #names

The Becker's Email

The name looks like M. Gerber.  The address is 20 Ridge St.  There is a Ridge St. in NYC. 
The 1900 census for Ridge St. shows a lot of families living at this address.  The closest to Gerber is a Samuel Garber household.  There is no one in this household w/ a first name beginning w/ "M".  Attached is the link to the 1900 census pages on for this address.  20 Ridge St. starts at the bottom of the page and continues on the following page(s). The census was enumerated 2 June and the family on the manifest did not arrive until 24 Aug.; so there may have been some changes in the occupants at this address.

Regarding the notation between rows 28 and 29, that is a code for citizenship info that was added later.  This info was placed in the occupation column.   Attached is the link to an explanation of the codes in this column. ( The info file has other sections for other columns.)

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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