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Hi Dave, 

I'd like to relate to one aspect of the epitaph which, to my knowledge, belongs to Hungarian tradition only. 

The line which says :Sh[em] i[mo] Yudit i. e. the name of his mother was Yudit.
Sephardic Jews often mention the name of the mother of the deceased in the same line as the name of the father. 
Most Ashkenazi Jews do not mention the mother at all. In Hungary (in that aspect Slovakia is a country of Hungarian culture for the Jews) there is this special formula: His/Her mother was.... 
I asked a number of persons about the origin of this formula and could not obtain a satisfactory answer. The only suggestion that I couldn't check that this custom started with Neolog jewry.
I would appreciate comments from the group on this question  

Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet  Israel 

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