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Hi Everyone,

Struggling here a bit.  Working on my family tree and trying to find more information on births/marriages of the 'Kamenetsky' side of the family.  Primarily the 6 kids, one of whom was my great grandfather and died in the Ghetto. 

I believe I have their names, birth years (sort of), and towns of birth/residence.   Problem is via JewishGen I cannot find anything except a little bit in the 'family tree' research section which has an incomplete list.  


Children were all born to Benyamin Kamenetsky and Ettka.  I believe most were born in Dolginovo. It is possible the first two older boys Yaakov and Chaim-Zorach were in a different shtetl, but somewhere in that general area.  The other 4 were almost certainly born in Dolginovo:  Dveira, Yudel, Aaron and Leah/Liza.

At some point the family moved from Dolginovo to Minsk.  Hard to say when, but a rough guess would be around 1910. 

Everyone one of those people married and with the exception of Yaakov stayed in Minsk. 

Yet I can't find a single birth certificate/proof and not a single marriage cert. 

Are these records simply not things available on jewishgen?  
I was able to piece most of what I have from living relatives, but there are still missing people.  Some wives are not known at all. 

Here is a link to the public geni tree profile of Binyamin and the family:

Any and all help would be super appreciated.

-- Arkady Kamenetsky

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