Re: Researching family in Saint Petersburg, Russia #russia

Alexander Sharon

Re: Tsar's dentist:

The family of Nicholas II had three personal dentists for 23 years of their reign. According to the established rules, they were included in the staff of the Court Medical Unit.


The first of them was American Georges Charles de Marini, who worked under Nicholas II as "Dentist of His Imperial Majesty" from 1894 to 1898. This doctor was inherited by the young emperor from his father, Alexander III. 

The Emperor's second dentist was also the "American Physician, Honorary Dentist Wollison". He also passed to Nicholas II from his father - G. Wallison began working at the Ministry of the Imperial Court in 1896 as an honorary dentist.

"Personal dentist of Their Imperial Majesties" Henry V. Wallison lived in St. Petersburg on the Admiralteyskaya embankment at number 10. It was very close to the Winter Palace, where the Russian emperor lived from December 1896 to April 1904.
" Along the way, we will mention that in 1900, 634 general dentists + 59 specialized dentists practicing in St. Petersburg. 

Alexander Sharon


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