Re: Missing Grave Mt Carmel Cemetery #usa


I used a similar search method as Allan Jordan and also came up with Leah Brown, died Oct 29, 1930. Like Allan, I am reasonably confident that this is probably the burial you are searching for. These types of errors are quite common. The database was prepared using handwritten records, and in the case of some of the burial societies, the plots were purchased directly through the society, and the names were provided to the cemetery by the society. Trying to get the cemetery to correct information in their database can be a challenge. However, once you check the headstone and confirm it is her, provide the cemetery with a photograph of the headstone along with her death certificate, and you should be able to get them to correct their database. From past experience, I have found that cemeteries will generally not correct the spelling without official documentation such as a death certificate.

Cary Pollack

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