Re: Towns (Villages) of outskirts of Kiev #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa


Talnoy is in Zvenigrod county in Kyiv gubernia
there is an 1811 revision list on Alex K which has a section for this town  at:

the section for this town starts on p 918

this is the only document I see with a specific mention of the town but there are many documents for the Zvenigrod county in Alex K's wiki at

use chrome and find the index at the top and click on 6.4 to take you to the Zvenigrod County section.

Pliskov is in Lipovets district - the only specific item i see is a 1795 revision list atАрхіви/ДАКО/280/2/23.  town starts p.95

otherwise click on 6.7 for other files in the area

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
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