Deciphering handwriting on passenger lists #belarus

Harlan Weller

Attached is a Hamburg passenger record for a family which I believe are my GF's aunt and her children travelling from Hamburg to New York in 1913.  Their surnames are Silber (or Silver).

According to a later naturalization application, one of the daughters was born in Svir, Belarus. 

I am trying to read the location from which they departed.  For some reason, ancestry has the Hamburg record indexed as Berger and I have never heard of such a location.  

Interestingly enough, I believe that the mother's maiden name is Berger.  Is it possible that somehow that got written down in the wrong column?

The New York record (which I have had trouble downloading) indicates that they are going to join Elias Silver (who is the husband/father) 

Thank you in advance,

Harlan Weller


HILLER (Krasnashiltz)
REZNIK (Oshmana/Evenitz)
COHEN (Lazdijai)

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