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Sherri Bobish


It may be helpful to you in your research to see Theodore Shneyer's naturaliztion papers, which can be found on

He states he was born in Resekne, (Rēzekne) Latvia on Feb. 14, 1905.

Here is info from Theodore's passenger arrival in Jan. 1923.

He arrived at the port of NY under the name Theodor SCHNEER.
His sister Fania SCHNEER traveled with him.
Their birthplace is Resekne.
Their last residence was Kronstadt, Russia.
(Kronshtadt is 19 miles from St. Petersburg.)
They were bound for Uncle Abraham (surname spelled SHNEYER on one page & SCHNEER on another page) in Kearney, NJ.
Theodor (17) laborer, Fania (20) domestic,  both single.
Left behind in N55 W22 Marias Eeja, Riga, Latvia their mother Anna SCHNEER.
(I'm guessing that Marias Eeja is a street name.)

You can search records from Latvia at:

Try a phonetic search on the surname.  The spellings SHNEIER, SCHNEYER, SCHNEER and others, appear many times.


Sherri Bobish

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