Help with a town/village in Russia - Kaliskovkeh #general

Arkady K <arkadyka@...>

My family descends from this man:

According to his great grandson Reb Nosson Kamenetsky, Samuel and his family lived in a placed called 'Kaliskovkeh'.  This is also where his son Binyamin grew up.
This is also where supposedly Binyamin's first three children were born, including the very famous Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky.

The problem is, I cannot seem to find anything about this place.  As if it simply does not exist.  There could be a spelling issue perhaps, but I tried tons of variations and cannot find anything.
I can only glean that it was probably in Belarus, not far from Dolginov where Binyamin later moved and his wife Ettel was from.  

Any help would be appreciated.

Arkady Kamenetsky

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