Szczerzec #galicia

Eli Brauner

Alexander Sharon wrote:

<<There were two towns, both within the Lwow Province, known by name
Szczerzec. The less known Szczerzec has retained its original name which
has been transliterated by USBGN system as Shcherets, Ukraine at 5007
2334, near modern Polish border. Town was also known as Szczerzec ad
(near) Nemirow in Rawa Ruska district.>>

I have learned that there are 4 villages with the name Szczerzec in Galicia:

1. village between Rohatyn and Podkamien/Strzeliska Nowe, on the
important road to Lwow
2. village near Sieniawa/Jaroslaw
3. hamlet at village Graboszczyce near Wadowice
4. hamlet at the village of Uscieszko near Zaleszczyki

Where to look for my Schrenzel ancestors? In all of them!

Eli Brauner

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