Tracing someone in Lithuania #lithuania #records



I have identified the name of one of my great great grnadparents (or a phonetic version of the spelling) and have narrowed down the date of his death to a few specific years.  I also know the stetl in Kovno Gubernia that he came from and the dates of birth of his children.  I also think he may be an individual who appears on the JewishGen tax database.

Can anyone advise please how I can best utlise this information to research the identity of this individual and the wider family, presumably using the Lithuanian archives?

Many thanks in advance

Jeremy Bloom

Glass/Glas/Glaz  - Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania
Weinstein/Krell- Wilna, Lithuania
Bloom/Sher/Scher/Glicksman/Myler - Riga, Latvia
Halpern - Zlochow, Galicia
Liebman - Uzciesko, Galicia
Altman - Kamionka Stramilova, Galicia

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