Jules Duga z"l #usa

Toby Brief

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Jules Duga of Columbus, Ohio.


Jules was a valued member of the Columbus Jewish Historical Society from its earliest years. His passion for genealogy was known to many of you as was his constant support of the archives and programs of the Society. Jules and his wife Cyril were instrumental in bringing the Columbus Jewish Genealogy Society and the Historical Society together - a match that strengthens all that we do. 

Jules and Cyril are responsible for the 2001 Jewish cemetery project for CJHS that recorded all of the Jewish burials in Franklin County, Ohio. In 2005, they expanded that project through eastern and southeastern Ohio towns. Just a few weeks ago Jules was working on updating those files. These records have all been submitted to JOWBR.


Honored by CJHS with many awards, Jules also was a Lifetime Trustee of our Board. He is known throughout the international Jewish genealogy for his research and his commitment to bringing families together. He was responding to questions up through the beginning of this month.


If you have been working with Jules recently please contact us at history@... or through our website.


His obituary can be found here: https://www.epsteinmemorialchapel.com/obituaries/Jules-Duga/

Toby Brief

Executive Director, Columbus Jewish Historical Society

Eleanore G. Yenkin Curator, The Historical Collection of CJHS

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