What is my best approach for finding census data on my family in Belarus born between 1885-1905. #belarus

Arkady K <arkadyka@...>

Hi everyone,

Now that I got the birth places sorted, I am hoping to find census information on great-grandparents and their siblings.  
They were all born between 1885-1905ish.  All were born either in Dolginov or in a large estate 9 km east of Dolginov. 

I have tried birth records for Belarus and came up with absolutely nothing.  So I either assume they were never registered or they got lost.

Revision lists seem to be my best bet, but looking at JewishGen the latest Belarussian revision list was taken in 1858. 
There is also the 1897 census, but for whatever reason large parts of this revision list was destroyed.  That which remains does not appear to cover my area.

They were all alive before the breakout of WW2, all survived WW1 unscathed.  What would be my next best step?

Thank you so much.
Arkady Kamenetsky

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