Re: Jews employed by the Czars #russia

Jules Levin

There are several books on Jews' services to tsars.  By the way, Stalin
also had a Jewish dentist

Jules Levin

On 10/14/2020 7:23 AM, David Barrett wrote:
Last week we were informed that he had a Jewish *dentist* [
/Shneyer/]  and I grew up with a story from my mother that the family
in Berdichev, Ukraine had a relative who was in the Czars retinue On
line I have come into contact with ? a DNA relative Scott Schwarzberg 
[ my heritage] who informed me that a since deceased relation was the
Czars *treasurer* - so I  assumed maybe  this was the person of whom
my mother was referring to. However another of my my DNA connections
also relates to a family /SCHNIER/ so maybe it was the dentist!
However according to Google --Sergei Kostritsky was his dentist but no
DNA correlation
  Who knows ? If only we could find a definitive list of those who
worked for the Czar.

I would be grateful for any further info
David Barrett

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