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Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the latest addition of several
sets of Jewish vital records on the All Galicia Database - a database
that is free and available to all. See:

The additions include records >from the Central State Historical
Archives of Ukraine, Lviv (TsDIAL):

a) Stryj
- Fond 701/1/313. Births 1846-1858 (1,957 records)
- Fond 701/1/315. Marriages 1855-1876 (131 records)

b) Narajow. Fond 701, Series 1, Volumes 223-231:
- Births 1878, 1883-1885, 1894, 1897-1898, 1902 (548 records)
- Marriages 1894, 1897-1898, 1902 (23 records)
- Deaths 1890-1891, 1895-1897, 1900 (269 records)

c) Zolkiew
- Fond 701/1/417. Births 1828-1840 (847 records)

Gesher Galicia has now completed the indexes of all the Zolkiew
records in the Lviv state archives (TsDIAL). There is one more Jewish
vital records book held in TsDIAL >from Stryj to be indexed (D
1847-1863; Fond 701/1/314), and one more book >from Narajow (B
1839-1869; Fond 701/1/222). More funding is needed for each of these.
The two books will be included in Gesher Galicia's Vital Records
Project for 2017, details of which will be announced very soon.

Gesher Galicia has also transcribed and uploaded to the All Galicia
Database two sets of Jewish records >from the Przemysl State Archive:

d) Zloczow. Fond 2257, Sygnatura 5, Death index book 1938-1942
(626 records)
e) Skole. Fond 2255, Sygnatura 2, Birth index book 1915-1919 (301 records)

For further information, please contact <info@...>.
Please do not reply to this email.

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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