Re: Tracing someone in Lithuania #lithuania #records

Russ Maurer

I have two comments to add to Peggy's excellent advice.

1. Records that were not filmed when the indexing was done years ago may well have been filmed since that time. It is worth checking. One of the "not filmed" examples is, in fact, now online (Motel GLAZ, film 004221370 image 804).

2. You can use the record number (e.g. M16 for Motel GLAZ) to locate the record without any knowledge of Russian. Male and female records were numbered separately. M16 means the 16th male birth for that year. The record numbers can be found in the first two columns on the page - always females in column 1, males in column 2. See snip of Motel's record below.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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