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Rodney Eisfelder

Ruth asked:
      Does anyone know if the 1933 German census is available, preferably online?  I am looking for a Dr. Selig in Berlin.

I am not aware of the 1933 German Census being available.
Things that might substitute include the 1931-32 Jewish Address book for Greater Berlin which you can find at
The page for "Selig" is at
and the only Dr Selig that I see is Dr Dorothea Selig, but you should also consider alternative spellings such as Seelig which is a few pages earlier:
That page includes a Dr Siegfried Seelig.

Another alternative is the 1939 non-Aryan Census which can be searched at
but it returns over 800 results for surnames containing Selig, and there does not seem to be an easy way to limit these to the Berlin area. If you had a more exact address, like Charlottenburg or Wilmersdorf (the main Jewish suburbs), or even a street address, the filtering functions would help a lot.

My final suggestion is the Berlin addressbook. You can choose your year from 1799 to 1970, and there is one from every year in the 1930s. See:
The relevant page from the 1933 addressbook is
and it confirms that Dorothea was a Dr of Medicine.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

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