Jewish Matrikel of Burghaslach (Middle Franconia): GUCKENHEIMER or GUCKENBERGER #germany

Justin Levy

Hello everyone,

I am helping somebody to research their GUCKENHEIMER roots going backwards from the marriage of Rosa GUCKENHEIMER to Emil OPPENHEIMER  in about 1866 in Nuernberg.

It appears that Rosa was one of the many children of Louis GUCKENHEIMER, who was born in Burghaslach in 1828, but was a hop merchant in Nuernberg by 1862. 

In one of their short research reports, Heinz and Thea Ruth Skyte state that Rebecca, the widow of Selka Benedikt, adopted the surname GUCKENHEIMER for herself and her descendants. However, a list on the website suggests that the originally adopted surname was GUCKENBERGER.

I would be very grateful, if somebody could check on the CD "Judenmatrikel fuer Mittelfranken".

Many thanks,

Justin Levy
(Dubai, UAE)

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