Re: Seeking Birth, Death and Marriage Records for Dynow #austria-czech #poland #galicia


Hi Ed,

My maternal family was from Dynow. I didn't find information on the Wenigs you are seeking, but I did come across the following:

-In the New York Dynower Society there was an F. Wenig member. I'm attaching a flyer from 1937 imploring members to send contributions back home to the needy F. Wenig circled. There are some photos of Wenig in the Dynower Society journals, but I don't have the copies with me as I moved recently, but when I go back to my old residence I will look. The journals are also in the collection in YIVO in NYC.
- In the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery there are buried a Hyman and Rose Wenig. 

Nina Talbot
Brooklyn, NY

NEGER & SPINRAD families from Dynow
DISTENFELD, CHARAK, ADLER & WILDER families from Kamionka Strumilowa

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