Re: Finding My Grandfather's Siblings From Minsk #belarus


My grandfather's name was David Edelson.His father's name was Sruel. He was living in Minsk when he left around the age of 12 in 1910. From research I found he was born in Dukora- a shtetl outside of Minsk. I was told there were records dating the Edelson family back to early 1700's in Dukora. Original name was Idelzchik. Means son of Yehuda. Some Anglicized the name to Edelson- some to Adelson. My grandfather had a brother and 3  sisters who came to the United States. He left others in Minsk. His sister was married to someone named Kaplan. I believe her name was Chasha. I know he had a 1st cousin whose name was Sam Edelson.

Karen Rothaus Rosenthal
Edelson, Idelczik from Belarus

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