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Diane Jacobs

You can call Beth David cemetery and ask if they would photograph the tombstone.
The cemetery is in Elmont NY just over the Queens border, not in  Brooklyn.

Diane Jacobs

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All these choices seem reasonable to me. I just checked the Polish birth record for Aron Kos, and there does not appear to be any Hebrew or Yiddish written out for his name, though his parents' names are there in Hebrew letters. I can clearly make out 'Kos' in Polish, and just those letters. The 1879 Russian Marriage record for Aron Kos does not have any Hebrew in it. I agree that viewing a photo of the New York City gravestone would answer this question. I looked on FindAGrave, BillionGraves,, and JOWBR, but no photos, though FindAGrave does confirm that he is buried as Koss Shaler at Beth David cemetery in Brooklyn. Myself, I'm leaning towards Kohos or Kosriel. 
Perhaps I should look to see if I can find other individuals in the Lublin gubernia records that have the given name 'Kos' and see if I can find their names written out in Hebrew letters in their original records.

Thanks for the responses.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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