Re: Bessarabia Revision List and corresponding microfilm image #bessarabia #general

Ron Miller

On the far right column select the image number. I.E. 2373295 and you should be redirected to the website and the images.  I can't read Russian so don't known which image corresponds to the the original page you desire.

Ronald Miller
MELAMED KARPMAN (Minsk, Mozyr, Rechitsa, Minsk, Ukraine, Belarus, Kiev) 
SHARGORODSKY WEISBERG  (Kiev, Rusacki, Devemususke, Ivankova) 
KRASNITZKI and variation spelling (Rechitsa, Minsk, Ukraine, Belarus, Kiev)
SCHARGORODSKY  CHARGO (Carlos Caseras near Buenos Aires, Argentina) 
GOLDENBERG (Tulchin, Ukraine)

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