Re: Plipsche? #galicia

Alexander Sharon


I have already replied to you query, listed in JG discussion group,
indicating two possible places near Krakow.

Since you have now narrowed your research to Bukovina, perhaps
you should consider the small Jewish town listed in the JG Gazetteer
as Pilipche at 4838 2605. The town is located in the Borszczow
region of Tarnopol Province near Ustye (ex Uscie Biskupie) and
Mielnica Podoska and near border Dniester River, which separated
Galicia >from Bukovina (currently Ternopil and Chernivtsi oblasts).

The Gazetteer indicates that Pilipche was known in the past as
Filipkowce, and you might review names listed in the entry for
Filipkowce in the 1929 Poland Business Directory at:

Yiddish town names can be sometimes a bit tricky, one can expect
some slight linguistic deviation of the original (Polish) name, but is
not a rule. Probably the native Ukrainian name was adopted in this


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

Merle Kastner wrote:

Can anyone tell me what this town would be - "Plipsche", Galicia?

This is obviously the Yiddish pronunciation, but I have not been able
to find anything, not even close, in the long list of towns on the site.

Furthermore, in another place, this person is listed as coming from
"Austria", which is probably Bukovina.

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