"Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #names #belarus

Michele Lock

I am trying to determine the town where my great grandmother Esther Lavine and family emigrated from, when they came to Trenton, New Jersey about 1893.  Here is what I know about their origins: The father Simon Lavine (abt 1840 – 1923) stated in the 1920 US census that he was from Minsk. On that same page, others listed their place of origin as Kovna, Vilna, Grodno, etc, so it appears they were asked what gubernia they were from (thanks to the enumerator Mrs. Koplowitz, who must have asked in Yiddish).

The only other information about the family is the 1917 Army draft card for their son Charles Lavine (born about 1885), who wrote ‘Ligia’ in Russia as his birthplace. He was probably 8 years or so old when he came to the US and was about 32 when he filled the card out.


So, what town in the Minsk gubernia might ‘Ligia’ refer to? I’ve tried the Jewishgen town finder, but without much success.


Michele Lock

Alexandria, VA


Looking for:

Lak/Lok/Lock and Kalon/Kolon in Zagare/Joniskis, Lithuania

Olitsky in Suwalki, Lithuania

Goodman in Czestokowa, Poland

Lavine in Minsk Gubernia, Belarus

Leybman/Lipman/Leapman in Dotnuva, Lithuania

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