Re: "Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #belarus #names


Yes, Lida is probably the town.  We may be cousins.  My gggrandfather Benjamin Vine/Wein was from Lida.  He had a sister Celia who immigrated to NYC 1893 with her husband Bernard Levin.  They moved to Trenton about 1901.  Bernard's siblings used the surname Bergman.  Celia and Bernard had seven children (5 Levins, one Levine and one Lavine).  My grandmother, Rose Vine, was Celia's grand niece.  I can't find Charles, Esther, or Simon in my family file.  Bernard's father was Louis Levin.  Bernard's death certificate lists Louis and says he (like Bernard) was born in Lida.  Wish I could give you a real connection.  Lots of Levines, Levins, and Lavines in Trenton!
Fred Millner
Hamilton, NJ

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