Re: "Ligia" - which town in Minsk Gubernia #belarus #names

Michele Lock

I originally thought the town was Lida as well. But during Russian times, Lida was in the Vilna gubernia, and I believe in the Grodno gubernia before that. 

In the 1920 US census, when asked by the enumerator Mrs. Koplowitz what his birthplace was, the father Simon Lavine answered 'MInsk'. I can see that his neighbors who were Jewish immigrants gave answers such as Vilna, Kovna, Galitzia, Grodno. It appears that Mrs. Koplowitz was asking them in Yiddish what gubernia they were born in, probably because she knew the usual 'Russia' was way too broad. See the partial column from the census image below; the entry that is the third from the bottom is for Simon Lavine:

This is why I believe Simon Lavine and his family are from the Minsk gubernia, and that 'Ligia' is located somewhere there. I have requested the New Jersey death certificate for Simon Lavine, to see if there is any more definitive information on that document, though it will likely just say Russia. The death certificate for his wife Ada Lavine says Russia, and that is it.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

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