Visegrad 4 Film Series - Oct. 15-28, 2020 - ONLINE #announcements

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2020 Visegrad 4 Film Series

Event Invitation
We invite you to join us on a riveting journey to Central Europe through a number of contemporary cinematic gems from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Great neighbors with strong cultural ties, the four countries are known as the Visegrad Group (Visegrad 4 or V4) - an alliance established in 1991 to further integrate our region and increase our political, economic and cultural cooperation. This year, Poland assumed the Group’s annual, rotational presidency, aiming to actively promote Central Europe and the V4 as a strong regional and global partner. 
This year’s Visegrad 4 Film Series, now in its ninth iteration, is brought to you virtually and available to audiences
across the United States! 
The program is FREE – all you need to do is register to stream through the Polish Film Festival Miami’s online platform.
All films are only available for viewers in the United States.
About the program: 
We are proud to present four internationally acclaimed feature films. For the series’ debut, we will screen two films - Corpus Christi and AmnestyCorpus Christi, directed by Jan Komasa and the 2019 Polish Academy Award Nominee for Best International Feature Film, is a compelling story about faith and second chances set against the backdrop of a small mountain village in Southern Poland. Jonáš Karásek’s Amnesty is a political thriller that covers the events following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. In week two, we will invite you to watch Kincsem - Bet on Revenge by Gábor Herendi, a record-breaking film about a record-breaking horse, as well as Havel by Slávek Horák – the first major fact-based biopic about the human rights icon and the Czech president, Václav Havel. 
Our younger audience members are invited to watch a collection of beloved cartoons presented in cooperation with the Polish Cartoon Film Studio (SFR in Bielsko-Biała), the Slovak Film Institute, the Czech National Film Archives and the National Film Institute of Hungary. We’re sure that the unforgettable characters of Bolek and LolekJoey - JožinkoFerda, as well as Rabbit and Deer will have older fans glued to their screens too, as many will fondly recall their first childhood visit to the movie theatre.   
Poland, 116 min.
Directed by Jan Komasa
Available for streaming 10/15 – 22
Slovakia, 130 min.
Directed by Jonáš Karásek
Available for streaming 10/15 – 22
HAVEL (2020)
The Czech Republic, 103 min.
Directed by Slávek Horák

Available for streaming 10/22 – 28
Hungary, 122 min.
Directed by Gábor Herendi

Available for streaming 10/22 – 28
At the Kids Corner
Bolek and Lolek - 2 episodes from the 
Wild West series (1972, Poland)
Available October 15-28
Joey's Space Adventure (1990, Czechoslovakia) 
Joey's Fishing (1981, Czechoslovakia)
Available October 15-28
A collection of cartoons curated by the Czech National Film Archives (1959-1987, Czechoslovakia)  
Available October 22-28
Rabbit and Deer (2013, Hungary)
Available October 22-28
Stills from “Joey's Space Adventure” (Slovak Film Institute), "Bolek and Lolek" (Cartoon Film Studio - SFR) and "Rabbit and Deer" (


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