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A. E. Jordan

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Does anyone know how to contact Chevra Chesed Shel Emeth of Brownsville (Brooklyn NY) ? I have found a worn gravestone in the Montefiore Cemetery. Springfield Gardens, Queens NY. The cemetery maintains no records. 

Brian Amelkin 

The vast majority of the burial societies went out of business long ago. They were regulated by the same department as insurance companies.

The cemetery office should know if the society is still in existence and have a contact for the society.  You can also get a sense if there are any recent burials in the plot.  If there are recent burials you could check with the funeral home if you can find it and see if they know anything about the society.

If the society went out of the business you can check the library at Yivo as they have a few records.  

You can also go backwards and look for the incorporation papers of the society to see how they described itself and the people involved with setting up the society.  Unlikely that will get you a current contact but you will start to get an understanding of the society.  

Likely it went out of business long ago and the records no longer exist. If if they do they do not have anything about the stone which would have been placed by the family not the society.  The society's role was to sell the plot. I have found some of the societies that still exist the people who are in charge se it hat they have one task which is to confirm entitlement for a modern burial by confirming relationships to someone in the society.

Hope that helps.

Allan Jordan


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