Re: Tombstone #translation


@Malka Chosnek, the abbreviation before his name is כ"ה (= the honoured mr) not הכ"מ which would indicate הרני כפרת משכבו which is indeed added for a deceased within the last 12 months. However, that would never be written before the name but afterwards and only by a son or daughter, whilst here we are dealing with a בחור i.e. an unmarried person. As already pointed out by an earlier correspondent, the ש"א does not stand for שם אשתו (= his wife's name) but שם אמו (= his mother's name) [and definitely not שמואל א or שאם כן), so there is no indication that he was married.
The only unclear word is the last word of the first line.

N. Aronson
Manchester UK

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