Re: How can I research famliy members from the Volyn area (Ratno, Kovel, etc). that emigrated in the late 19th and early 20th Century to the US? #ukraine


Steve - 

As far as I am aware there are virtually no surviving Jewish vital records from Kovel and Ratno.

You can use Miriam Weiner's website Routes to Roots to search for records about the towns you are interested in: Make sure to use the Daitch-Molotkoff Soundex matching for best results.

This suggests that the most significant surviving 19th century collections for both Kovel and Ratno might be census type records dating from the early 1860s - probably Books of Residents. These are housed at the State Archives of Zhitomir Oblast. I would recommend hiring an experienced genealogist or researcher who can read Polish/Russian. Alex DENISENKO is one recommendation - he is based in Lviv. 

You might also find this site useful:

Hope this helps.

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