Retheir: Contact Burial Society Chevra Chesed Shel Emeth of Brownsville #usa

Ira Leviton

Hi Cousins,

As others have mentioned, the vast majority of landsmanshaften, and burial societies that existed decades ago are defunct.  When this happens in New York State, all their remaining assets are supposed to be given to the Department of State (of New York State).  Usually, the only assets were graves in their cemetery plots and their records.  The graves were often not transferred since their value was not recognized.  Since the records had no monetary value, the Department of State made an arrangement several decades ago to transfer them to YIVO.  (Sometimes records were brought directly to YIVO.)  There's no other repository for these that I know.

I doubt that the Chevra Chesed Shel Emeth of Brownsville is still active - Brownsville used to be a neighborhood with many Jews, but there are few if any left.  However, sometimes an attorney or somebody remains in charge of a society that has no active members, just to issue permits for children of former members. who may have inherited graves and don't have deeds.  I have found that the Montefiore Cemetery office staff to be unhelpful at times, even when I was there in person, but they certainly should be able to tell you whether it's an active society, and even if it's not active, when the last burial took place and who the last contact person was.


Ira Leviton, New York, N.Y.

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