My grandparents JONUSS and MAZUS from Ezere, Latvia #latvia #lithuania

Ingrid Anna Jansons <jansons.ingrid@...>


I am researching my father's family from Latvia. My grandparents were Displaced People (officially non-Jewish) and came to Australia after World War 2. 

Here are my family:

My grandmother, Erika Deznieks (1924 - 2018). Born in Ezere, Latvia. Lived in Priekule, Latvia. 
My great grandmother, MATILDA JONUSA/JONAS (1897 - 1977). Born in Nigrande, Latvia. Lived in St Petersburg during World War 1 (reason unknown).
My great-great grandparents, LATE MAZUS (1870 - 1952) and JEKABS JONUSS (1858 - 1941). From Lithuania.

My first question is, do I have Jewish heritage? There is confusion in my family and we have spent many years researching. Any insight would be helpful. 

My second question is, can DNA testing officially trace Jewish heritage?

Kind regards
Ingrid Anna Jansons

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