Re: research the Volyn area (Ratno, Kovel, etc). #ukraine

Family and DNA

Some of these records are freely available online here:Архіви/ДАЖО/118/14
Hope this helps!
Juliana Berland

On 10/20/2020 18:31, Bruce Drake wrote:

As another researcher mentioned, records are sparse for Kovel. A
reesearcher named Alex Dunai (aidunai@...) did find records for
my ancesters from there here:
List of the documents studied in the state archive of Zhytomyr oblast :
1.Revision list 1858 for the town of Kovel ( fond 118, opys 14, file 122)
2.Supplementary revision list 1862 for the town of Kovel ( fond 118,
opys 14, file 319
3. Supplementary revision list 1865 for the town of Kovel ( fond 118,
opys 14, file 79)
4.Payment book of  volatile taxes* arrears for Kovel county 1904-1915
( fond 118, opys 21, file 402)
(Source: state archive of Zhytomyr oblast.Fond 118, opys 21, file 402,
page 61 )
You also might see if my Kovel Kehilalinks page is any help:

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Juliana Berland (France)

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