Re: My grandparents JONUSS and MAZUS from Ezere, Latvia #latvia #lithuania

Bernard Aronson <dovbenhos@...>

My great-great-grandparents Joseph Jonas (Jannes) and his wife were from Riga; they were feldshers (paramedics) that died in treating cholera victims during the epidemic that f=broke out in Moscow in1830.  Their son, Samuel Jonas (Jannes)aged 12, and his sister were orphaned and went to live with an uncle.  The uncle substituted my great grandfather Samuel for his son and he was drafted into the Russian army where he served for 25 years.  Upon leaving the Russian army as a corporal, he married a younger Jewish woman and he served as a constable somewhere in central Russia.  During that stay, his wife was attacked and Samuel beat the living daylights out of that lowlife.  As Jews, they would have been lynched except because of Samuel's service, they were exiled to Bialystok in the Russian Pale.  They grew a large family, which included my grandmother Gussie and all of them emigrated to the USA/  BTW, Matilda is not a rare name among Jews.  I had two relatives named Tillie.

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