Dieveniskes, Vilna (Divenishok), Lithuania, Grenoble, France, c1935 Photo for Identification #lithuania #photographs

Adam Cherson

Seeking to identify close friend of Blumeh (Movshovich) Berkovich, writing to Blumeh from Grenoble, France:

the postcard reads something like this:

“And I again settled in Grenoble. The mood is not to describe. And how are you? I didn't thank you for your friendship. Don't be upset/everything goes by [or ends] in this stupid life/the stupid existence becomes yesterday [news]/loses its whole importance___ Stupid post - again and again the same. ___I made piece with my destiny and you do the same. The game is over/the future preset. And work is awaiting me - again and again work. May God give us strength to cope with all. Be well your ...[illegible first name or 'friend' ] Wein.”

Adam Cherson

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