Re: Looking for information on relatives who emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's #names #russia #usa

Alice Ra'anan <araanan@...>

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I have 2 bits of information that may be useful:

1. My great-grandfather Shmerl Hellerstein emigrated to Denver from Brest-Litovsk in the 1880s. Since it is an unusual surname, I always make a point of contacting any Hellersteins I come across. In one case, a Hellerstein told me that his family's original surname was Farber, but they took the name Hellerstein in order to get exit papers so that their son would not be conscripted into the Czar's army. My husband has speculated that the Hellersteins and Farbers either were related or knew each other fairly well in order to pull this off.

2. Shmerl Hellerstein's oldest son was Moses, b. circa 1865 in Brest-Litovsk. In Denver in 1890, he married a woman named Tzivia Zalinsky (b. circa 1870, also in Brest-Litovsk). She became known as Jennie Hellerstein. Moses died in 1930, and Jennie later married a man named Buchalter, whom she had also known growing up in Brest-Litovsk. Unfortunately I don't know his first name so he may not be part of the same family. 

Alice Hellerstein Ra'anan
Alice Hellerstein Ra'anan

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