Re: Looking for information on relatives who emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Denver, Colorado in the late 1800's #usa #russia #names


Hello Arianne,

In your post you wrote that  "Leia had a brother, Mendel who moved to Denver with his wife, Frieda in 1911."

Mendel and Frieda GINSBURG are the grandparents of my husband, Gerald. His father, Max Miles GINSBURG, was the youngest of 7 children of Mendel and Frieda. 
Since it seems that you are also doing research on Ancestry I am including the links to a few relevant pages on our family tree. There is a lot of information on these pages that is relevant to your search.
I also know from my in-laws memoirs that the BUCHHALTER family lived right across the street from Mendel and Frieda when they all settled in Denver. 
You will also find pictures of some of these people on their Ancestry pages. 
Mendel and Leah had a sister, Adele, who apparently never left Russia. The photo of her on Ancestry is a post card sent to her niece, one of Mendel's daughters. 
If you have more specific questions please feel free to contact me directly.
Marilyn Ginsburg, Canada  (Ancestry page for Moses BUCHHALTER, father of Joseph)  (Ancestry page for Leah Ginsburg BUCHHALTER, mother of Joseph) (Ancestry page for Joseph BUCHHALTER) (Ancestry page for Feige GINSBURG, mother of Leah and Mendel) (Ancestry page for Mendel GINSBURG)

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