Yiddish Question #yiddish

loren greenberg


I have heard the expression "vonce" used by my parents and others from NYC while growing up. I am certain it is
a Yiddish expression altered by English speakers. It was used to refer to an active child. Perhaps a "rascal" or
"shovav" in Hebrew?

Does anyone know what the genesis of this expression is?
Thank you,

Loren Greenberg
Los Angeles, CA

Abelow - Merkine, Lithuania
Golub(ofsky)- Vasilishki, Belarus
Milner - Smiltene, Latvia
Shafir, Schaeffer, Melamed, Agazim, Vinograd -StaroKonstantinov, Ukraine
Volpiansky - Kaunas and Balbieriskis, Lithuania

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