International use of familysearch #ukraine #russia

David Mason

I've posted before about helping a Ukrainian and Russian Kagan/Cohen family who lost track of their American cousins in the 1930s, after falling into conversation on a train with the grandson of the brother who stayed behind.

At long last we have succeeded at finding them, special thanks to Georgeann Moore at Temple University.  She found the son who went to medical school and provided the link to his informative obituary..  So now we have dozens of cousins on this side and a still unknown number in Russia, hopefully more in Ukraine if there were survivors of all misfortunes of the 1930s and 40s.

So thinking of an online platform for documenting this, in a multi-lingual way, the familysearch website comes to mind, since the website can be navigated in Russian as well as English, and material can be entered and viewed in both languages.

So I'm curious if others have tried this, and how it worked out for them?  Was it actually used and updated over there as well as here?

-David Mason, Los Angeles

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