Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #belarus #unitedkingdom #general

Aaron Slotnik

Hello Genners,

I'm not very familiar with researching in England or Australia and am reaching out for assistance trying to find some particular information about the family of a Michael (Chaim Chaikel) WEINSTEIN (abt. 1849 - 1918) of London.  He had a number of children and his descendants are fairly well documented, including by the late Ruth Silver and others.  Per his tombstone in Edmonton cemetery, his father's Hebrew name was Baruch.  However, I am trying to learn his mother's name and where he was born and/or lived prior to emigrating to London.

I have found the family in the UK Census from 1881 through 1911, as well as a number of vital records on JewishGen.  The 1891 census notes that he was from "Gronner" which the family believes to be Grodno; however, I think it is referring to Grodno gubernia and not Grodno city as I'm unable to find him in the 1858 Revision List for Grodno on JewishGen.  I hope to identify the specific town.

My understanding is that UK vital records don't have mother's names on them, is that correct?  Any other avenues to try to learn his mother's name?  I found a reference to a Probate document on Ancestry for Michael when he died in 1918 ( which may hold promise for learning other information, perhaps leading to other clues.  Is anyone familiar with the process to get a copy of that document?

Another idea that I had to learn where they were from is to research his oldest children who were born in 'Russia'.  The best candidate seems to be his oldest son Harry (Henry) Moses Weinstein (Winston) born about 1872 and died in 1955 in South Brisbane, Australia.  Might there be Australian records that would have his specific town of birth?

Michael apparently had a brother named Simon who also emigrated to and lived in London with his wife Fanny and family who I found in the 1891 and 1901 Census but it seems less is known about him and, for the same reason as for Michael, I don't see an alternative to learn his mother's name or where he was from.  Simon wasn't present in either census entry and appears to have died between 1891 and 1901.

I would be happy to hear any other alternative suggestions.  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL USA

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