NY cemeteries 1905 #usa #general

Trudy Barch

I think I have found a cousin that died as a baby (Lillie Shapiro) in Manhattan, NY 1905.  On FamilySearch, I found 2 death items with burial dates 2 weeks apart AND different cemeteries. Parents names are similar – Isack/Isadore and Ida Eisenberg (todays spelling)

One cemetery is Washington with burial August 28, 1905 and the other cemetery is Mt. Zion with burial September 13, 1905

I was not able to find either cemetery online today.   Are they still in existence? 

Any suggestions, how might I prove which cemetery and date this baby/child died and was buried?

Thank you for any help and suggestions you can give me.


Trudy Barch,    Florida

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