Re: Help with dates from 1800s Russia/Poland #general


Dear Trudy Barch (or Trudy):

I hope that someone yet-more-experienced with genealogy than I am will respond to your query, but I will say/ask:

I) If Abram and Mejta were born in and lived in what we consider the 19th century,

1) The numbers "2699" and "2695" could not possibly be years from the Jewish calendar (the Jewish year would be 3760 plus the Gregorian calendar year after December of the Jewish year -- so the Jewish year would have to be beyond 5500 in the 19th century);

2) while the Russian Empire did not use the Gregorian calendar (it was adopted by the Soviet Union until after the 2nd Russian Revolution of 1917 which brought it into power in the former Empire), I (myself) doubt that calendar years there could have been hundreds of years "off" from the "Common Era" (to Christians, "Anno Domini") which we use (the Wikipedia article on "Anno Domini" seems to say that the Russian Empire adopted the "Anno Domini" numbers for years in 1700).

II) I strongly suspect that what you have are record numbers for Abram and Mejta from either a document or an index -- which leads me to the questions:

III) What is the "piece of paper that" you "found" with these numbers on it, and (if possible) could you describe it and/or post to this thread a scan of what you have seen??

Good Luck with your query.


Ethan Kent (in New York City).

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