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Roberta Berman

I was the coordinator of the San Diego Jewish Genealogical Society project to record the names on the graves in the San Diego County Jewish cemeteries or Jewish sections of cemeteries for JOWBR.  The Home of Peace Cemetery gave us a complete copy of their records, which included not only the names of the deceased, but additional information such as the name of the person the death certificate was sent to, the name of the rabbi or cantor, the mortuary.  Not all the entries have additional information.

The entry for Gregorio states that the death certificate was sent to Srul Kleinman in Whittier, California.  I left out the street address, but if you Google him, you'll you should easily find it.  The mortuary was Cypress View and the service was done by Cantor Max Furmanski of Mexico.  

Julia is not included because she died in 1998 and we finished the project in 1995.                                                                    

Roberta Berman
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