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Renee Steinig

Per the extract of her death record on FamilySearch, the baby who died
on 28 Aug. 1905 was the daughter of Sam Shapiro and Ida Cohn. The
child who died on 13 Sept. 1905 had the parents you're looking for --
Isy Shapiro and Ida Isenberg. She's buried at Mount Zion Cemetery,
which, as others have written, still exists and has an online
database. It lists "Lilly Schapiro," who is buried on the grounds of
the Chebra Gemilis Chasodim Anshe Motele -- a society formed by
immigrants from what's now Motol, Belarus.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Trudy Barch <cousintrudy@...> wrote:

<<I think I have found a cousin that died as a baby (Lillie Shapiro)
in Manhattan, NY 1905. On FamilySearch, I found 2 death items with
burial dates 2 weeks apart AND different cemeteries. Parents names are
similar – Isack/Isadore and Ida Eisenberg (todays spelling). One
cemetery is Washington with burial August 28, 1905 and the other
cemetery is Mt. Zion with burial September 13, 1905.
I was not able to find either cemetery online today. Are they still
in existence? Any suggestions, how might I prove which cemetery and
date this baby/child died and was buried?.... >>

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