David Simon Rose - Lillian Bordach #usa

Carol Jaffe

David S Rose was the younger brother of my maternal grandfather and Lillian was his wife.  David was born in Dec 1876 in either Germany or Russia and married Lillian Bordach (born in 1894) on Jan 18, 1917 in NY. Prior to his marriage he lived in Rochester, NY with his parents Simon & Fannie/Fruma Rose. Also living in Rochester was his sister Rose Rose LaVine & her family and for a time his brother Harry Benjamin Rose, my maternal grandfather.  David & Harry were in business together for some years, some in Rochester and then later in New York City, in ladies clothing and later men's clothing.  After his marriage in 1917 there is no trace of either David or Lillian.  David and his brother had a falling out probably after David's marriage as Harry was a witness to that marriage.  David lived with my grandparents when my mother was a baby, but she never knew him, my grandfather lost his wife in 1920 & remarried in 1925 had another child and my aunt never met him or knew anything about him.  Would love to know what happened to David & Lillian Rose, did they have children, are there any descendants today?

Carol M Jaffe, Clearwater, FL
Researching; Abraham, Meyer, Baer,Bear, Lazarus, Loewenberg, Rose/Rosinsky/Russinsky

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