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Your grandfather was probably at work in 1920, and not present when the census taker came to the door.  Whoever did respond, answered as best he/she  could.   Once in a while you will see a census entry as "unk"  for unknown.

David Rosen
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You have remember that all documents
And verbal stories maybe incorrect.
My grandfather who emigrated in 1888 states on his 1920 US CENSUS he was born in NY.  I have his 1888 passenger manifest
and his 1929 Naturalization Petition.

Go figure.  And he and his siblings have 3 different maiden surnames for their mother. 

Diane Jacobs 

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I also agree that you cannot trust death records as giving correct details. i searched Australian records fruitlessly for quite some time for a relative whose birth was recorded as Melbourne in his death certificate. Eventually, via another record, I found him as being born in London (which I had suspected), but even there in the British records it took time to find his birth certificate as the surname was wrongly spelt by the clerk who took the registration. Marriage and birth records in English speaking countries of people whose origin was in East Europe often suffered from the person's thick accent causing the clerks to register wrong spellings -another example in my family is Valso instead of Warsaw!

Ann Belinsky
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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