"Unehelichen"/Illegitimacy: applied to mother or child? #germany

Michael Rubin

I'm trying to confirm the application of the term "unehelichen" within a birth certificate from 1827 in the Pfalz.  The birth record follows a fairly typical format around the registrar indicating that so and so appeared before him and declared that a daughter was born.  Then this phase is used:   "....geboren sei welchem sie den Vornamen Regina zu geben erklaret, dieses welches Kind von der unehelichen Karolina geboren Isaak, des alters Vier und zwanzig Jahr."  I'm assuming that "unehelichen" refers to the newly born daughter Regina but maybe I'm confused and it should be applied to the mother, ie. Karolina. Or does unehelichen actually imply "unmarried" in this context rather than "illegitimate" as we might use it in English to refer to the child?  
Thanks for your input.
Michael Rubin
Boston, MA  USA 

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