Re: Seeking England and Australia Research Help - Michael WEINSTEIN Family #belarus #unitedkingdom #general

Aaron Slotnik

Thanks for your helpful suggestions so far, particularly Rodney, Terry, and Ann.  I wanted to post an update with some additional information and questions.

I've found some records in the JewishGen 'Jews Free School, Spitalfields' database (  Does anyone know if additional information is available on these students above and beyond what is indexed, particularly the child's birthplace?

According to Ancestry's Australia Death Index, 'Henry Moses Winston' died in Queensland on 6 Apr 1955.  Agree with Rodney that his second marriage record is the best potential source for his birthplace . . . it seems he married outside the faith.  And thanks to Rodney as well for the link to see what information is included on the Australian certificates as I was unable to find that detail.  According to Ancestry's UK outbound passenger lists, it appears that 'Henry Weinston' departed for Sydney on 6 Mar 1913 on the SS Commonwealth while his wife 'Jane Winston' and 5 of their children departed for Brisbane on 16 Jan 1914 on the SS Osterley.  Do Australian passenger manifests and naturalization records exist and, if so, do they include birthplace information?  I was unable to find anything for him on the National Archives of Australia site, although they do have his son's military record.

For those who have an Ancestry subscription, here is his 1911 UK Census entry which has a number of other associated records for him (

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

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